Secure Development Lifecycle

Security should be at the forefront of minds when developing Enterprise-grade solutions, however, it rarely is. Black Marble’s Application Lifecycle Consultants are also skilled in implementing Microsoft's Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) into your development process to improve quality, reliability and long-term maintainability.

The SDL helps you build software that’s more secure by reducing the number and severity of vulnerabilities in your code, as well as helping your organisation comply with a variety of regulations and compliance issues.

The software that your organisation develops might need to comply with a variety of complex, ever-changing regulations. Incorporating SDL into your application development process helps your organisation meet many of the most current compliance requirements more efficiently.

The SDL is a software development security assurance process consisting of security practices grouped by seven phases of the traditional software development life cycle. The SDL process can be applied to different operating systems, platforms, development methodologies, and to projects of any size.

SDLC Arrow Diagram - Training, Requirements, Design, Implementation, Verification, Release, Response

If your organisation builds software with one or more of the following characteristics, you should consider adopting the SDL:

  • The software will be deployed in a business or enterprise environment
  • The software must meet regulatory requirements for how data is transmitted, stored, and displayed
  • The software communicates regularly over the Internet or other networks.

Please call Lisa on +44 1274 300175 to find out how Black Marble can assist with implementing SDL into your development process.

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