Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

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Keeping track of information in the modern business environment is becoming increasingly difficult. Often the problem is not one of finding information, but of ensuring that it is the correct and most recent version of that information.

A common issue for staff is not knowing where to find the data they need. Many will struggle for hours as they attempt to identify the owner of a critical piece of information and many more will give up and repeat work that has been previously done to create the items they require. There is a significant risk that incorrect information is used as the basis for key decision making.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 aims to resolve the problem by being a central hub for the collection and management of information. By drawing information into the system and exposing it through powerful search tools SharePoint can solve the problem of users finding the right piece of information at the right time.

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A portfolio of components allows SharePoint to offer a comprehensive out-of-the box experience, and its fully customisable nature allows solutions to be tailored to the specific needs of the business.

Libraries for documents, images and even PowerPoint slides with full revision control provide easy-to-access repositories for the information created on a daily basis. By pulling data off desktop computers and shared drives and into a central system key issues of security and data resilience can be more easily addressed.

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Collaborative tools such as blogs, wikis and discussion forums allow staff to pass on their experience and knowledge for the benefit of others. Where projects might previously suffer from fragmented email conversations that corrupted messages passed between staff, SharePoint offers a central point for discussion to ensure that everybody involved in a project can keep up to date with developments easily.

The ability to readily consume data both from within SharePoint itself or through connecting to external systems allows the creation of Dashboard and KPI systems. Where in the past the benefit of such systems might be questionable because of the potential for incorrect source data, SharePoint can help businesses have the confidence that the latest, correct pieces of data are being referenced.

All of this is built upon a robust platform of proven technologies and offers tight integration with the trusted Microsoft Office suite. This integration and consistency of user interface gives users confidence and lowers barriers to adoption.

Better business decisions and strong improvements in productivity as a result of deploying SharePoint have led to a quickly-growing number of businesses wondering how they ever got by without Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Black Marble offers this product in conjunction with the following services:

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