Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft PixelSense

In June 2012, Microsoft announced they are extending the Surface brand to deliver Microsoft designed and manufactured products that showcase the capabilities of Windows 8. This means that the former Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface will now be known as Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft PixelSense.

Black Marble is proud to announce that we are developing for both platforms - Windows 8 Development for the Microsoft Surface and PixelSense Development for the Samsung SUR40.

The Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft PixelSense provides a great multi-user experience, bringing people together in a 360 degree interface.


Black Marble can help you make the most of this new touch technology, creating innovative ways to experience information and digital content, engaging the senses, improving collaboration and empowering people to interact.

Whether you are running an exhibition, putting together a new customer experience or simply enhancing a communal space, Black Marble can assist in making the most of your Samsung SUR40.

And because of our skills with Surface 1, we worked closely with Microsoft team and were awarded Premier Partner status for the launch of the SUR40.

Black Marble are an Authorised Reseller!

Black Marble can create bespoke applications for your organisation and event, plus we have a set of existing applications that can be configured to meet your needs – please call for a competitive quotation.

For details on all our Samsung SUR40 services, please contact Katy on +44 1274 300175 or +353 1 901 4625.

Black Marble are an Authorised Reseller!

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