Black Marble in the Government Digital Marketplace

Black Marble's presence on Government and Public Sector Frameworks.

The Government's Digital Marketplace enables organisations to deliver services that meet the evolving needs of government and public sector organisations.  

In 2013, Black Marble successfully became part of the Digital Services Framework, which includes specialists for work on specific digital projects.

In December 2015, Black Marble was awarded a place on G-Cloud 7 - the Government's latest cloud-services procurement framework.  It provides central government departments, executive agencies and public bodies with a rapid and cost effective method of accessing and purchasing government approved IT Cloud products and services.  Black Marble features in the following lots: Software as a Service (SaaS) and Specialist Cloud Services (SCS).

SaaS covers applications or services that can be run over the internet or in the cloud, and for Black Marble, this includes tuServ, our mobile policing application.  Whilst our SCS support our customers' transition to the cloud.

Early in 2016, Black Marble was awarded a place on Digital Outcomes and Specialists, and in 2017, on Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2.

If you would like more information on our offerings in the Digital Marketplace, including how your organisation can engage Black Marble through it, please get in touch.