Tablet Academy is a leading provider of consultancy training in mobile technologies for education in the UK. The focus of their support is to empower staff with knowledge and skills that enable them to use tablets to enhance their practice, not to make the focus of their delivery about the IT.

With a solid customer base delivering training and consultancy to schools and teachers using the iPad and Android devices, the next logical step was to embrace Windows 8 tablets, and provide specialist training to schools to empower teachers, ensuring the latest Microsoft technology was utilised to its full potential.

With their team of practising teachers, Microsoft Education Experts and experienced education ICT consultants, they identified one area where Windows 8 was lacking compared to the iPad and Android Devices – a fun and intuitive E-Book creator and reader, ideally suited to educational use.

Tablet Academy was introduced to Black Marble via mutual contacts at Microsoft UK, and we worked with them to identify the essential features and design of an application for creating and reading e-books that would work in schools, and the resulting product was CreateBook.

This is a simple to use app that is fun and engaging, and enables the creation of electronic books that include text, images, video, sound and drawings. Files can be published in a CreateBook format, readable by both the CreateBook app itself and a free Reader version of the app.

The CreateBook app was launched in 2014, with a companion CreateBook Reader, which is free, and can be used to read books created in the CreateBook app. Authors can share their books with users of the Reader app, which is great for children who want to share their creations with their parents.

Prior to the release of CreateBook, there were no E-book creator tools in the Windows Store, and it went from zero to 8000 downloads in one month, in the UK, China, the US, Australia and Canada.

Developing apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone is a considerable leap forward from developing traditional desktop software. Black Marble use their comprehensive knowledge of Microsoft software and hardware innovations to develop beautiful solutions, which not only exceed the expectations of the publisher, but deliver spectacular experiences to the users.  The team at Black Marble have formidable experience and crucially, they invest in ensuring their teams are up to date with the latest and greatest skills, abilities and techniques so that they’re always ready to hit the ground running.

As a result, it is proving an invaluable tool to Tablet Academy, enabling it to complete their tablet portfolio offered to schools and educational professionals.

Tablet Academy recognised the advantages of the Windows 8 platform – its intuitive interface meant the focus would not be about the IT but about the content of lessons – transforming teaching and learning, liberating learners, engaging the community and opening up opportunities for creativity.

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Excellent communication with the customer. Fast responses to change. A superb company to work with. Met every deadline we agreed. I would have given a 5 for pricing but no one ever gets a five from me on costs. Even with the excellent value for money that Black Marble provide. :-) Professor Stephen Molyneux, Tablet Academy.