Demand 5

Channel 5 was the last of the five terrestrial TV channels to be created in the UK, and wanted to ensure they were at the forefront of the Windows 8 consumer revolution to ensure their brand is available across the exciting new user experiences opening up to their audience.

Channel 5 approached Tricky Business, a leading digital agency, to design an application that would take full advantage of the unique features that are delivered by Microsoft’s Windows 8.  And when they needed a development partner to create an unforgettable, streamlined Windows 8 application, they turned to Black Marble and we created a solution that has made Channel 5 one of the leading TV-on demand companies in the UK.

Partnering with Tricky Business meant that we could create an app that is true to Channel 5’s brand and Microsoft’s modern UI guidelines for Windows 8. We worked within an agile methodology, delivering small iterations that involved constant clear communication both with Channel 5 and Microsoft.

Following the successful delivery of Demand 5 for Windows 8, Black Marble produced a Windows Phone 8 version of the same solution.

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We found working with Black Marble a great experience, their skills complemented ours, and they were open to new ideas and new ways of working. It was great to find a company so keen to partner, and ready to do it well. When issues arose, they worked with us to overcome them, ensuring the customer received the best possible experience from both companies. Richard 'Tricky' Bassett, Tricky Business.