SharePoint CRM

SharePoint and CRM

SharePoint is an accepted platform when it comes to delivering efficient collaboration within an organisation, and Black Marble has a proven track record of successful delivery. But did you know that many of the custom business applications organisations try to build on SharePoint could be delivered more quickly and at no greater cost by combining the strength of the CRM platform with the flexibility of SharePoint?

CRM is not just about Customer Relationship Management. Under that smooth, sales-sounding exterior is a powerful engine that can quickly deal with complex data requirements. By leveraging the xRM development platform to handle how information is stored and the presentation and collaboration strengths of SharePoint for how that data is gathered and presented the resulting business solution can be more flexible and delivered more quickly.

Organisations right now are all about extracting the maximum amount of value from IT. By underpinning their process with the secure yet flexible pillars of SharePoint, CRM and SQL servers, business that have the vision now are building a solid foundation for future growth.