Practical Considerations for Implementing AI in Modern Policing

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Practical Considerations for Implementing AI in Modern Policing

Insight into the applicability of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for modern policing; everything you need to consider to develop a road map for embracing AI and deliver greater efficiency, greater effectiveness and indeed enhance legitimacy.

Recently presented in précis form at BAPCO 2024, this session provides an opportunity to expand upon the issues raised, and to explore in more detail the current frameworks and agreements in place to assist in regulating AI in policing.

Topics include:

  1.       How to make best value from the exponential rise in structured and unstructured data.
  2.       How to ensure that the management of that data meets ethical standards and also accountability, including disclosure legislation.
  3.       How to integrate and exploit data which is currently held in a complex landscape of data systems, within and between police forces.
  4.       How police forces can understand what a digital police service could look like in our modern era.

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Presented by Robert Hogg, Black Marble co-founder, Chief Executive Officer, Microsoft MVP for Azure, and Microsoft Regional Director.

Event Date - April 17, 2024

Time of Day - 10:00am - 12:00 noon

Location - Online Register for this webinar