App Modernisation

Delivering your successful move to the cloud with Black Marble

There is a massive demand for the migration of legacy applications to new applications and new platforms, and in particular, to the cloud.  Whilst this can appear daunting, our team of recognised industry experts in digital transformation can bring their wealth of experience to bear, making it a seamless process. 

Our skills in solution planning for on-premises, mobile and cloud, and our deep understanding of the technologies available, means we can architect a truly innovative solution.

Modernisation options include re-platforming, re-hosting, re-coding, re-architecting, re-engineering, interoperability, replacement and retirement, as well as changes to the application architecture to clarify which option should be selected.

We can you help you examine more than just whether existing code will work in the public cloud and which services are the best fit for new applications and components, but also how to maximise the benefits the cloud can bring such as scaling, GEO location and fail over. Whilst also looking at the best ways of reducing cost.

Areas in which we can help you move to the cloud:

  • Cloud Architecture best practice.
  • Migrate your website to the cloud: Cloud services allow you to pay for the resource usage you need whilst taking advantage of the ability to scale up and down when required. Paying for only what you need, when you need it.
  • Pipeline automation with Azure DevOps: Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment enables rapid code release, providing you with efficiency savings and increased service.
  • Visual Studio Team Service (VSTS) migration: Gain access to Azure tooling from ARM templates to DevTest Labs, speeding up process and provisioning with tooling provided by Microsoft.

Key Features

  • Highly skilled and experienced consultants.
  • Modernising legacy applications, websites, and systems.
  • App base modernisation for cloud optimisation.
  • 7 x Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals industry specialists.
  • Winner of 3 Microsoft Worldwide Partner awards, and runner-up in 4 further categories.
  • Reimagining of requirements.
  • Hybrid integration.
  • Business innovation through creative use of technology.
  • Modern application design with serverless or microservices approach.


  • Identify requirements for a successful move to the Cloud
  • Our comprehensive approach allows you to achieve greater cost effectiveness
  • Application of knowledge and skills to deliver innovative, unforeseen solutions
  • Governance and compliance for successful adoption within legislative constraints
  • Agile development of POC applications
  • Integration skills for seamless integration to existing platforms
  • Flexible commercial model including fixed price, T&M, and deliverables
  • UX based on user needs for increased acceptance

Cloud Adoption workshop:

We have helped many of our customers take advantage of Microsoft Azure and develop plans that enable them to adapt existing practices and adopt new ways of working. We start this process with a Cloud Adoption Workshop where we learn about the project, the people, the aspirations and constraints that are driving the move to the cloud.

But app modernisation is more than just re-platforming to the cloud for scalability and cost, but also re-imagining and transforming, to pull everything together with intelligence.  It's about new ways of engaging, new ways of envisioning data, about bots, Machine Learning, and pervasive AI.

Why not benefit from a free consultation with one of our technical experts to kickstart your app modernisation journey? Get in touch with Hannah to find out more!

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