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Your DevOps Health Check.

Software development is about more than just writing code. It has a huge strategic impact on an organisation. For too many companies their development process ends with a basic source control system, but there is much, much more that can be done to assist in the goal of producing high quality software. Application development teams that predictably deliver business-critical applications can help a company maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace and drive top-line growth.

Effective application lifecycle management can help control costs associated with software errors, and improve development project success rates.

Black Marble can provide an ALM Health Check for your systems and processes – to aid you in identifying any inefficiency in the development process across projects and applications as well as providing guidance in how to pull it back on track.

With our Health Check, we can help you to understand your current state, as well as define the right path to improve application development capabilities with the best return on your investment, balancing the costs and implementing the key processes first.

This Health check from Black Marble is based on best practices and knowledge developed through years of experience and knowledge with the Visual Studio family of products. Our methodology and deliverables are highly dependable and readily applied to your specific environment, to enhance and improve your application lifecycle experience.

Adopting an ALM system is not that easy for any company. There are many components that that need to be considered; some are technical, but many are more people focused. We can address your end-to-end application lifecycle needs and enable you to prioritise and implement capabilities in the best order with our ALM Team.