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DevOps Planning

DevOps Planning

Planning and implementation advice for your DevOPs process.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is the coordination of all aspects of software engineering - including the formulation and communication of business and technical requirements, code design and architecture, project tracking, change management, coding, testing, debugging, and release management - by using tools that facilitate and track collaboration among and within work teams.

Application development is one of the most strategic activities in IT. Whether the business goal is improving customer satisfaction, streamlining operations, or extending into a new market, the applications that underpin business initiatives and provide differentiation are critical to success. Application development teams that predictably deliver business-critical applications can help a company maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace and drive top-line growth

Adopting an ALM system is not that easy for any company. There are many components that that need to be considered; some are technical, but many are more people focused. We can address your end-to-end apĀ­plication lifecycle needs and enable you to prioritize and implement capabilities in the best order from first principles.

However our services are not limited to the technical. We can also provide consultancy on project methodologies to assist in re-engineering for software engineering. To this end we have certified Scrum Masters and Prince2 practitioners on our staff. In addition, we provide mentoring of developers to facilitate process improvement.