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Our team are recognised industry experts with a wealth of experience in solution planning, for on-premises, mobile and cloud solutions.

Transform your Business with Effective Solutions

Every time an organisation puts together their requirements they run the risk of getting it wrong – mistaking what they want for what they need and, without a deep understanding of the technologies available, miss the chance of having so much more!

We at Black Marble believe you should get the solution you deserve by re-imagining your requirements and helping deliver a design that fits your organisation!

We have the broad skills that are essential in articulating your needs into an accurate set of solution requirements – be it a Line of Business application or a fully integrated solution across your business.

A Standard Approach

Black Marble has designed a standard, staged approach to tackle the problem. We start the process with a planning service, where our consultants will investigate and review your existing systems, as well as meeting with your key stakeholders to create a picture of what the solution needs to deliver.

With our years of experience architecting and delivering solutions across the Microsoft platform, we can ensure your organisation will avoid the pitfalls, and can issue requirements that really will produce the best solution.

Transform your business stages

An Excellent Outcome

We will produce a detailed specification for your ideal solution. That will not only meet the needs you know but also those you don’t! We will address the problems in your business, identifying effective solutions, and producing the best requirements for your solution.

An Effective Team

Black Marble are a highly skilled organisation with a wealth of experience in solution planning, for on-premises, mobile and cloud solutions. Senior staff are recognised industry experts in exactly the areas needed to successfully architect and articulate the solution your business needs.

Don’t just take our word for it...

In 2012, Black Marble was engaged by Cambridgeshire Constabulary to review their requirements for a new mobile solution. These requirements focused on creating a mobile solution that replicated their current internal systems. Black Marble was able to see beyond these requirements and, following workshops and meeting with the key stakeholders, were able to envision a new mobile solution that not only delivers what Cambridgeshire Constabulary needed, but also opened up whole new possibilities, creating a policing solution for the 21st century in tuServ.

Next Steps...

Call to arrange a meeting to discuss your business needs, to address how we can help create the design you need to transform your business, and meet your goals.

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