Microsoft Hololens

Holo Management System - HoloMS

Holo Management System - HoloMS

Enabling organisations to create their own Holo-Experience

Black Marble’s Holo Management System (HoloMS) is an application built and designed for the HoloLens to provide an innovative tour experience for the end user. Targeted at either small business’ wanting to showcase their company, or large exhibitions and museums requiring an informative and interactive new experience for their visitors.

HoloMS has the capabilities to display multi-media content, including 3D models and 3D animations, completely unique to your project. Black Marble can design and produce 3D models and animations to meet your requirements. HoloMS gives you the flexibility to change and update your content as often as you like due to its own content management system. You, as the application owner can update or add new content when you need to, allowing the application to always be relevant, up to date and continuously changing to suit its surroundings.

HoloMS provides you, as the application owner the capabilities to position your content, in your space allowing for a quick and easy way to set up your experience, and is especially handy if your exhibition is liable to tour. Once your tour experience is set up, it is ready for your end users to enjoy and interact with your holograms.