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tuServ Scene of Crime

tuServ Scene of Crime

Crime Scene Investigation with tuServ

tuServ is Black Marble’s award-winning application for policing, developed on Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP), and delivered across devices, including tablets, laptops and phones.

Developed with operational police officers for operational police officers, tuServ is a revolutionary approach to digitising modern policing. It is designed to put the emphasis on crafting process and technology around operational needs, through improved accuracy, leading to more efficient use of resources.

Black Marble wanted to push the boundaries of what is possible with a Universal Windows Application, through extending tuServ to run on HoloLens, and developed a Proof of Concept solution that enables the capture of content at a Scene of Crime.

tuServ’s Scene of Crime application creates a whole new way of approaching the scene of a crime. Using the Microsoft HoloLens, our application allows you to place virtual markers and gather multi-media evidence without disturbing the physical scene and potentially tainting evidence.

Once the scene of crime has been cleared, investigators previously relied only on evidence gathered and printed. With our Scene of Crime application, investigators can additionally return virtually to the scene of crime and view the markers placed, evidence gathered and captured object mesh. Everything will be positioned exactly where it was originally placed/captured within the room to give the investigator a real understanding of the scene once again.

The media captured is fully integrated with tuServ allowing officers back at the station or in the control room to view the evidence. Officers involved in the event will be able to view the media on either a Surface Hub, tablet or mobile using the tuServ application or can view the evidence on the tuServ 2D HoloLens application designed for Command and Control units. From HoloLens to phone tuServ is completely collaborative across any Windows device.

Having tried out the HoloLens technology in a mock crime scene I am genuinely excited about the possibilities of trialing this in real life crime scenes. In addition, the ability to directly input and view the HoloLens footage through tuServ enables the evidential continuity we require in policing. Superintendent Mike Walker, North Yorkshire Police.