Migrating from Biztalk

Migrating from Biztalk

If you have BizTalk (or even another on-premises integration solution), Black Marble would like to help you plan and move to a better solution in the cloud.

The road to the cloud requires proper planning, budgeting, and execution to be successful, and this is where we at Black Marble come in. Our Migration service provides expert consultants who will review your current infrastructure, discuss the best way of engaging with your key stakeholders, identifying the correct levels of governance required, as putting together a roadmap for implementation.

A recent Survey indicated that only 6% of BizTalk organisations have migrated their solution off the platform. With limited skills in the BizTalk market and an approaching deadline, we predict that there will be a lot more organisations struggling to do the same, and as they wait until the last minute, they will not be able to get the skills and resources needed for a successful migration.

With Black Marble’s renowned integration specialists, we can aid your transition from on-premises to the cloud, implementing Azure Integration Services, taking advantage of its serverless, scalable, and Microsoft-managed building blocks to create comprehensive integration solutions.

Get in touch to book an initial free consultation to find out how we can help you migrate from BizTalk.