Windows Server 2003

Migration to the Cloud

Helping organisations with legacy Windows Server 2003-hosted applications transition to the cloud.

A Pressing Concern

Windows Server 2003 support ends on July 14th, 2015. From that date, Microsoft will no longer release security updates for the operating system. Organisations that still have key business applications hosted on Windows Server 2003 should act now to re-platform those applications.

The knee-jerk response is to ‘lift-and-shift’ applications to a new version of Windows Server. This approach gives little business value, however, and does not offer any kind of assessment around the best approach to take, given a wider range of business needs.

It is rare now for organisations not to be looking at Cloud services. Microsoft Azure offers an approach to the problem of OS end-of-life which is more in step with the wider context of strategic solutions rather than tactical operations.

Microsoft and Black Marble can help organisations with legacy Windows Server 2003-hosted applications transition those line of business applications into the efficient panoply of Azure services.

A Standard Approach

Black Marble and Microsoft have designed a standard, staged approach to tackle the problem. Enterprise Microsoft customers can take advantage of Software Assurance benefits to begin the journey.

Migration Stages

Envision - Start the process with a planning service. Consultants will help organisations identify line of business systems that are at risk and advise on next steps in the context of business goals (5 days).

Investigate - Identify the scale of the task through a technical analysis of the chosen systems. Consultants will look at systems and source code to gain insight into the key technical issues affecting migration (Around 15 days).

Implement - Transition the legacy application to the cloud through development work which includes transitioning to the most effective combination of Azure cloud services (Project Specific length)

A Crack Team

Black Marble are a highly skilled organisation with a wealth of experience in bespoke development, both for on-premises deployment and cloud or hybrid-cloud. Senior staff are recognised industry experts in exactly the areas needed to successfully architect and deliver the transition from legacy system to effective business solution.

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