SharePoint Migration

SharePoint Migration

Moving to the next or latest version of SharePoint.

No matter what version of SharePoint you are currently running, we can help you migrate to the next version, or even to the latest - SharePoint 2016, which has just been released.  With our SharePoint expertise, and our thorough planning services, we can guide you through the process, ensuring you get the best possible outcome for your organisation.

Plus, if your organisation has found itself in the position of running two different versions of SharePoint concurrently, we can help you migrate to the latest version, consolidating your SharePoint infrastructure, and unifying your collaboration solution into one solid platform for the future.

We would recommend migrating if any of your versions of SharePoint are out of support, or will be imminently (2003 is out of support, and 2007 is out of mainstream support).

With SharePoint Server 2016 now Released to Manufacturing (RTM’d), now is the time to explore your options for migration.  With new features for users, IT pros, and administrators, and with the next generation of hybrid capabilities for SharePoint, this is a great opportunity to figure out your migration path.

Don’t forget – versions of other supporting products, such as SQL Server or the OS, can also impact which version of SharePoint you can run and still be within support.

On 24 May and the 21 June, we will be running events covering reasons to Migrate.  Get in touch for more details.


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