Systems Integration



BizTalk is the number-one on premise integration solution and value leader worldwide.

A mainstay of integration solutions for many years, Microsoft have announced that Biztalk is on its final version (2020) and will go out of mainstream support in under four years. However if you have any version of BizTalk before 2016, it is already out of support and you should consider expediting your move from BizTalk today.

Traditionally, BizTalk was crucial for your end-to-end supply chain management, spanning systems, people, and processes, both within and across organisational boundaries. BizTalk with its stability have allowed it to be the backbone of many companies allowing for powerful integrations with no interruption in service. Times are now changing and there are 2 key challenges meeting existing organisations currently relying on BizTalk:

  1. Planning their migration from BizTalk to an alternative solution, such as Azure Integration Services [link here to Migrate from BizTalk page].

  2. Managing their existing systems until they are ready to move - there has always been a limited number of good BizTalk engineers available, and as knowledge and experience declines, organisations are struggling to maintain that knowledge. Black Marble has a solid industry leading, BizTalk consultancy team, that maintain the knowledge so your organisation does not have to. Get in touch to find out how we can help!

Migrating from Biztalk

If you have BizTalk (or even another on-premises integration solution), Black Marble would like to help you plan and move to a better solution in the cloud.

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