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Universal Windows Platform

Universal Windows Platform

Developing Windows applications for use across PCs, Tablets, Phones, HoloLens, Raspberry Pi and Xbox.

Windows 10 is the next step for a whole new generation of Windows, and runs across an incredibly broad range of devices – from Windows PCs, to tablets, phones, through XBox, HoloLens, Surface Hub, and even Raspberry Pi. It enables the creation of solutions for screens ranging in size from 8 to 84 inches. Some you hold in your hand, some hang on your wall, and some that appear in 3D in front of your eyes!

The introduction of the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) provides a common app platform available on every Windows 10 device, that can be distributed through the unified Windows Store Channel. With over 200 million devices now running Windows 10, and with the Windows Store now available in 190+ countries, that is a compelling reason to ensure your business is taking advantage of the Universal Windows Platform.

So whether you want a game, a consumer app or a Line of Business (LoB) application, there is now a way to create one universal app that targets the entire family of devices. And as it built upon a unified core, it enables apps to look great using one codebase and an adaptive UX on all Windows devices.

What Black Marble can bring to Windows 10…

Black Marble’s solid track record in designing and building imaginative and intuitive applications for the Microsoft platform, we are ideally placed to develop solutions for any organisation wanting to light up their experience with Windows 10. We can develop connected Windows applications, running across multi-screens and form factors, with an aim to create fully-formed apps - on whatever device you want! Because your UWP app runs on a wide variety of devices with different form factors and input means (touch, gesture, speech, keyboard, etc.) you want it to be tailored to each device and be able to unlock the unique capabilities of each device. With our software development capabilities, we can ensure your app lights up features specific to one type of device while presenting a different experience on other devices.

With our skill set we provide faster and more effective development of applications across the Microsoft platform to deliver the applications you deserve. Plus, with 5 Microsoft MVPs in our team, including a specialist in Windows Development, we can guarantee you get the best team possible.

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