Data Science


We can deliver AI Solutions.

Businesses today generate, or have access to, large amounts of data. Sometimes data, that are not immediately relevant to the day to day, tactical aspirations of the company, are locked away. This can happen because the data are kept in disparate silos within the company, and no one person has an overview of what data exists. Complexity is another reason that this data can remain locked away, sometimes it is just too difficult to manipulate the data and ‘crunch the numbers’ required in order to effectively use that data. Even so, it is vitally important to modern businesses that they take advantage of this data to gain the maximum business advantage possible.

That’s where Black Marble can help. We can bring our experience and expertise to bear on your data in order to answer the toughest business questions you might have, along with using it to make predictions about the future direction of your market in general and your business in particular.