Application Modernisation

Application Modernisation

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The application modernisation path is an excellent route, not only to modernisation, but also to innovation. It gives you the opportunity to not simply move your applications into the cloud, but also the ability to take advantage of the benefits cloud hosting brings, as well as developing as purely cloud native applications.

Modernising how you build applications (including changing-up existing applications) to become cloud-native is extremely powerful and will have a big impact on your operating model and outcomes. Innovation will take longer than migration or many other forms of modernisation.

Potential Benefits

  • Improve customer experiences.
  • Increased customer engagement with transformed products or services.
  • Prepare for and build new technical capabilities.
  • Scale to meet market and geographical demands.
  • Disrupt the market with new products and services.
  • Measure key business metrics, in a user-friendly dashboard in Power BI.
  • Reduced development cost.

Common workload examples associated with cloud innovation

  • Custom-build applications.
  • Technology-based experiences.
  • IoT: Integration of physical products and technology.
  • Ambient intelligence: Integration of nonintrusive technology into an environment.
  • Cognitive Services: Bid Data, AI, Machine Learning, and predictive solutions.


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