Cloud Operating Model

Best Practices

Best Practices

A foundation for a successful cloud operating model.

Black Marble adheres to industry-standard best practices throughout your cloud adoption journey. By following best practices, we can deliver an outcome with minimal problems or complications. It is also a key method for ensuring repeatable, successful processes.

Best Practice can be split into the following areas:

  • Business - our Delivering an Enterprise Cloud Operating Model white paper is an example of best practice.
  • Architecture - Architecture guidelines and blueprints for specific problem sets and how to break them up, includes architectural patterns and guidance.
  • Development - a different set of patterns and practices and blueprints, that when followed deliver high quality.
  • Personnel - guidance and training on helping people understand the benefits of the cloud for IT and Development, including when to use, or not use.
  • Lessons learnt - learning from successes and failures to reinforce success.

Potential benefits

  • Demonstrate a way to rapidly develop and release individual customer requests.
  • Architect a way to reduce Code to Customer times from weeks to hours.
  • Reduce projected costs of service in development time, and hosting costs.
  • Provide a safe way to try new ideas at minimal cost.
  • Enable development streams to be re-launched.
  • Increase quality.
Black Marble - they have the right mix of skills, innovation and imagination to create a technology-led, customer-friendly solution. IMDM, Microsoft