Universal Windows Platform


Continuum for Windows

Giving your phone the power of a PC

With Continuum, Microsoft has enabled you to work on your phone, like you work on your PC. 

It enables you to get real work done on the go, with Office apps that scale beautifully to a larger screen - or at home without the need for a laptop or PC. Just add a mouse and keyboard for an experience truly like on a PC. Connect using a Display Dock or use wireless projection to make it easy to send content from your phone to the big screen.  And you can do all this whilst still using your phone to talk, text and tweet.

You could join a conference call, whilst using a keyboard and monitor to take notes, or review a presentation whilst texting your colleagues.

But it doesn't have to stop with Microsoft applications, Black Marble's track record in developing for Windows, means we are best-placed to make your mobile applications Continuum-ready, please get in touch for more details on how we can help.


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